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Comedy and Performance Inspired by Science

Solve for X is starting a new monthly newsletter! We'll be featuring videos and audio from past performances, Q&As with scientists and artists, fiction, comedy and science art from all over, and much, much more.  If you have something creative you'd like to share with us, please reach out on our contact us page.  Even if you've never been to a show,  there will be tons of great content you'll love. Just put your name and email address below to sign up for our newsletter!

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Want to submit your own work to our newsletter? 

Solve for X's newsletter a space for everyone to come together and try their hand at creating a bond between science and art. We want people to experiment in areas they aren’t an expert in. We want theoretical physicists to write poetry and we want comedians to write science articles. So long as it has some element of science and some element of creativity in it, we're game. You don't even have to teach us anything (although, if you find that you're leaning more towards the educational, feel free to cite or link sources, we find them sexy). Ideal candidates will be accessible to an audience who isn't accustomed to reading about science (so minimize jargon, acronyms, and all that jazz). 

Here's what we're looking for:

Visual art
Fiction (short fiction only, please. Although, feel free to tell us about your novel. We're bookworms).
Essays (this isn't school, though. Please keep it creative).
Videos of a dance you made, of a crazy art-robot, of a comedy sketch.
Audio of a song you wrote, of a stand-up set, of you telling us a story.

Really, anything.  We want you to experiment, to find a new way to be inspired by science (positively or negatively).  We'll even work with you to workshop something. 

Reach out to us at when you've got something for us.