Solve For X Variety Show

Comedy and Performance Inspired by Science

Audio Samples

Solve for X is working to bring you a podcast. Until then, here's a few audio samples to whet your whistle.  

Note: These audio samples may contain explicit language and sexual themes. Also, the facts expressed here are about as accurate as what you'll find on your Facebook news feed. Our performers aren't (usually) scientists, they're just inspired by science. Consider yourself warned. 

Comedian Travis Jones enlightened us at the Snark Week show in August 2015 with sad TED talk about blob fish.

Writer and Arabic professor Ian Campbell brought us a rhyming bedtime story all about the origin of optics at our Accidents show in May of 2015. 

Eli Banks, master of puns, told a tale of the evil of dolphins at our Snark Week show in August of 2015. 

Greggplant and Bean, puppetry duo extraordinaire, opened our Small Science show at the Atlanta Science Festival in March of 2015 with an atomic romance . (Note: this is the audio from a puppet show. Try to imagine an atom talking to an electron. If you feel like you're missing out, you are. Come to the show next time. Jerk).